Wall & Forest




Design Concepts

Here you can find some design suggestions. The idea SEWTREE is not only suitable for clean water, rainwater management or air pollution control. Of course our new and innovative concept also considers the topic „smart city”. With various possible applications like cameras, WiFI, lighting the SEWTREE is almost an all-rounder.

Standard SEWTREE with no special equipment

SEWTREE with lighting for parks, streets or other urban areas

SEWTREE „Secure“ prepared for installation of CCTV - Closed Circuit Television

Advertising can help to finance the already low running costs of a SEWTEE

Design parks and public places with the LED lightning version

Of course the SETREE can also support WiFi

Also the modern ...

... different design ...

... as a wall make impression

The SEWTREE can do more: Even fine dust, which for example is caused by exhaust gases, can be minimized in the environment.